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Rapid Learning Curve

The American Gutter Monkeys franchise model is a simple but highly streamlined business system with a fast Learning Curve.  Our hands-on field training and back-office support model have a proven path to success. There are no prerequisites to having experience “in the trades”, so getting started is simple. Our Gutter Monkey services are self-explanatory, so consumers quickly understand what we do. And we provide continued support and on-going training to our franchisees.

1. We Have Several Owners That Had Zero Experience in the Trades

Company co-founder Andy Brennan came from a corporate background; he was VP of sales and finance for a large paper company. Prior to starting the Cape Cod Gutter Monkeys, Andy didn’t own a ladder or a tool box.  Successful South Shore Gutter Monkeys owner Darrell Ford was a mid-level manager of a trucking company. He had no experience in the trades or the home service businesses.  South Coast Gutter Monkeys owner Ray Cetner came from the corporate world as well, with no experience in the trades and no self-employment experience.

2. We Have Developed an Ongoing Process to Quickly Train the New Owner

We specialize in gutter cleaning and tune-ups, gutter installation, and gutter maintenance. The skills needed for this industry are not complicated. Once a new owner is identified and qualified, getting started isn’t difficult, and the learning curve is fast.

3. New Employees Can Become Profitable Very Quickly

The skills of gutter cleaning and tune-ups are easily taught and quickly learned.   Most trades’ skills are heavily job specific, so hiring and training new employees can be very time-consuming and expensive; the Gutter Monkeys are able to hire and train a new employee so that he or she quickly becomes a productive and profitable member of the team. 

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