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High Profitability with Expanded Revenue Stream

Creating a highly profitable business isn’t always easy. But with an American Gutter Monkeys franchise, the franchisee will receive expert guidance to start, grow, and expand the business.

​1. Modest 2 – 3 Person Start-Up Model

The home-based business model will start the owner with one or two employees. Our proven growth process will take the new franchisee to four employees, six employees, and beyond.

2. Multi-Million-Dollar Per Year Potential

Our first two locations each exceeded 1 million in sales year four. During fiscal year 2021, our three locations averaged 1.4 million per location.  This business model is not designed to be a one-truck franchise.  The future Gutter Monkey franchise owner is a hardworking manager who can lead a modest team; a leader who is interested in building a multi-million dollar per year business.

3. High Profit Margins

While there are some variables, high profitability is within reach. Gross profits float in the 60% – 65% range, while normalized net profit before taxes will likely fall into the 35% – 40% range.

4. Stable and Steady Work for Year-Round Cash Flow

Because of our diversified platform, we are able to keep our service teams busy year-round, thus creating a keeping a stable year-round cash flow.

While there is some seasonality to our work, there is no seasonality to our cash flow.  We install gutters all year long.  In Southern New England, for example, our service crews work seven-days-per-week in November and December due to the fall gutter cleaning season.  In January, February, and March, while we have a steady stream of gutter installations and gutter cleaning, winter gutter maintenance (eave ice dams and other weather-related issues) becomes part of the equation.

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