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Huge Underserved Market with Limited Competition

Gutter cleaning is a hugely underserved market. There are very few, if any, branded companies offering the service. With huge potential and very few competitors, an American Gutter Monkey franchise can be successful very quickly.

1. Most Homeowners and Business Owners Need our Services

Most homes, businesses, and industrial buildings have gutters and roof systems that need maintaining. But this underserved market has no branded companies offering the service. An American Gutter Monkey franchise can thrive in this underserved market.

2. There is Very Little Competition

We specialize in cleaning, repairing, and maintaining roof drainage systems. From this comes our customer base for gutter installation. This highly underserved market needs our services. There are very few branded companies across the country that do what we do. None of our current franchisees has a competitor covering the territory that they do, year round. Sure, every town has a handyman that may clean gutters during the leaf falling season. But we have yet to find a competitor that operates a gutter cleaning and maintenance service that is branded like the Gutter Monkeys.

3. Our Training System Allows New Franchisees to Establish the Top Spot in Local Markets

Because there were no serious competitors, the Cape Cod Gutter Monkeys established themselves as the regional industry leader in year one. The South Shore Gutter Monkeys and the South Coast Gutter Monkeys have had similar experiences.

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