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Focus On Customer Service

Today’s consumers demand outstanding customer service. So, American Gutter Monkeys first competitive advantage stands out. Our franchisees are trained with a focus on the customer. While many small business owners in the trades operate by cell phone and text messaging, we take a different approach. We’ve developed a professional and proven approach that resonates with customers, and sets us apart from competitors.

1. Customer Service

Our focus on customer service begins with the initial customer contact. Our system teaches our franchisee to answer the first phone call, voice message and e-mail in a fast and timely manner.

2. A Streamlined Cloud-based Scheduling System

Technology plays an important part of our service. It’s why we’ve developed a cloud-based scheduling system and we continually develop and improve it. This allows our field teams to service more customers with greater efficiency.

3. Customer Focused

Every employee is hired with the customer in mind. Every team member is trained to place the customer first. This customer-focused approach helps our franchisee succeed and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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