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Highly Streamlined Business Model

Before founding the Gutter Monkeys, owner Dennis Siggins spent 35 years self-employed in the trades. Over time, he compiled a punch list of the industry’s unpleasantries, inefficiencies, and distractions. When he founded the Gutter Monkeys, he knew we needed to develop a streamlined business model to be successful. Today, Gutter Monkey Franchisees benefit from Dennis’ experience. We have effectively eliminated (or at least minimized) these time-wasters and distractions. Our streamlined business model allows our franchisees to work efficiently and effectively. When our service teams leave the shop each day, they are engaging in revenue-generating activity!

We’ve eliminated the inefficiencies so we are constantly performing revenue-generating work!

1. Quoting

We’ve developed our own system of remote quoting for most of our work. This keeps our owners and service techs free to accomplish their revenue-generating work!

2. No permitting, building inspectors, conservation department, or historical society issues

Our services do not require building permits in the regions that we are currently operating. There are very few compliance issues.  Thus, we can focus fully on revenue-generating activity.

3. Rapid Learning Curve

The skills of gutter cleaning and gutter tune-ups are easily taught and quickly learned. Once a decision to hire a new employee is made, the new employee becomes productive and profitable very rapidly.

Want to learn more about how you can start up an American Gutter Monkeys franchise? Contact Us Today to find out more information and set up a no-obligation consultation.

4. Simple accounts receivable process

Our simplified accounts receivable process ensures that we collect virtually 100% of the moneys owed with little effort!

Want to learn more about becoming a Gutter Monkey Franchisee? Contact us today and set up a no-obligation initial meeting. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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